Thanks for accessing our website of On this website, youprivacy is respected and your personal information will be protecked. To learnmore, please read our Privacy Policy. 
 This privacy Policy applies only to It is explains how wecollect, use and disclose your personal information. And this notice alsoexplains the steps we have taken to secure our personal information.

Information Collection and Use

1.Information Collection 
 We collect your information from many different ways on this website. Onegoal in collecting personal information from you is to provide an efficient,meaningful, and customized experience. The following lists are offer you theexample that we can use your personal information to.

· Help you access our website easier to use and log inwithout retyping the information for your account.

· Help you find the information, products ad servicesquickly.

· Help us create content on this site that is most relevantto you.

· Alert you to new information, products, and services thatwe offer.

· Registration and Ordering. Before using certain parts ofthis Site or ordering products, you must complete an online registration form.During registration, you will be prompted to provide us with certain personalinformation, including but not limited to your name, shipping and billingaddress(es), phone number, email address, and credit card number. In addition,we may also ask you for your country of residence and/or your organization'scountry of operation, so that we can comply with applicable laws andregulations, and for your gender. These kinds of personal information are usedfor billing purposes, to fulfill your orders, to communicate with you aboutyour order and our site, and for internal marketing purposes. If we encounter aproblem when processing your order, we may use the personal information youprovide us with to contact you.

· Email Addresses. Several locations of the Site permit youto enter your email address for purposes including but not limited to: toregister for free promotional notices; to request us to notify you when wereceive a new brand, or new product style; to sign up for our email newsletter.Your participation in a contest is completely voluntary, and you may choosewhether to participate and disclose information to us. We use this informationto notify contest winners and to award prizes. We may post the names and citiesof contest winners on our Site.

· Cookies and Other Technology. Like many sites, this Siteemploys cookies and web beacons (also known as clear GIF technology or"action tags") to speed your navigation of the Site, recognize youand your access privileges, and track your Site usage.

(a) Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored as text filesby your Internet browser on your computer's hard drive. Most Internet browsersare initially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to refuse cookiesfrom websites or to remove cookies from your hard drive, but if you do, youwill not be able to access or use portions of this Site. We have to use cookiesto enable you to select products, place them in an online shopping cart, and topurchase those products. If you do this, we keep a record of your browsingactivity and purchase. 
 (b) Web beacons assist in delivering cookies and help us determinewhether a web page on this Site has been viewed and, if so, how many times. Forexample, any electronic image on this Site, such as an ad banner, can functionas a web beacon. 
 (c) We may use third-party advertising companies to help us tailor sitecontent to users or to serve ads on our behalf. These companies may employcookies and web beacons to measure advertising effectiveness (such as which webpages are visited or what products are purchased and in what amount). Anyinformation that these third parties collect via cookies and web beacons is notlinked to any personal information collected by us. 
 (d) Log Files. As is true of most websites, the Site server automaticallyrecognizes the Internet URL from which you access this Site. We may also logyour Internet protocol ("IP") address, Internet service provider, anddate/time stamp for system administration, order verification, internalmarketing, and system troubleshooting purposes. (An IP address may indicate thelocation of your computer on the Internet.) 
 (e) Age. We respect children's privacy. We do not knowingly orintentionally collect personal information from children under age 13.Elsewhere on this Site, you have represented and warranted  that you areeither 18 years of age or using the Site with the supervision of a parent orguardian. If you are under the age of 13, please do not submit any personalinformation to us, and rely on a parent or guardian to assist you. 
 (f) Product Reviews. You may choose to submit a product review. If youpost a review, we will ask for your email address and geographic location. Ifyou submit a review, your geographic location will be visible to other users(your email address will be kept private). Also, any personally identifiableinformation that you submit as part of the review can be read or used by othervisitors to the Site. We are not responsible for any personally identifiableinformation that you choose to submit as part of your review. We believe youcan post a helpful review without disclosing any personal information.

2. Information Use and Disclosure. 
 (a) Internal Use. We use your personal information to process your orderand provide you with customer service. We may internally use your personalinformation to improve our Site's content and layout, to improve our outreachand for our own marketing efforts (including marketing our services andproducts to you), and to determine general marketplace information aboutvisitors to this Site. 
 (b) Communications with You: We will use your personal information tocommunicate with you about our site, and your orders and deliveries. Also, wemay send you a confirmation email when you register with us. We may send you aservice-related announcement on the rare occasions when it is necessary (forexample, if we must temporarily suspend our service for maintenance.) Also, youmay submit your email address for reasons such as to request us to notify youwhen we receive a new brand, new product style, or product; to sign up for ouremail newsletter and special offers. If you submit your email address, we willuse it to deliver the information to you. We always permit you to unsubscribeor opt out of future emails (see opt out section below for more details).Because we have to communicate with you about orders that you choose to place,you cannot opt out of receiving emails related to your orders. 
 (c) External Use. We want to provide you with excellent service and tooffer you a great selection we primarily sell merchandise, not information. Wedo not sell, rent, trade, license, or otherwise disclose your specific personalinformation or financial information to anyone, except that: 
 (i) As do most catalog and Internet wholesalers, we sometimes use othersto perform specific functions on our behalf. When we disclose information tothese service providers, we disclose information to help them to perform theirservice. For example, in order to deliver products to you, we must share someinformation.