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Reviews and Comments

Except as otherwise providedelsewhere in this Agreement or on the site, anything that you submit or post tothe site and/or provide heyfashionsaver, including, without limitation, ideas, know-how,techniques, questions, reviews, comments, and suggestions (collectively,"Submissions") is and will be treated as non-confidential andnonproprietary, and by submitting or posting, you agree to irrevocably licensethe entry and all IP rights related thereto (excluding the moral rights such asauthorship right) to heyfashionsaver without charge and heyfashionsaver shall have theroyalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and transferable right to use,copy, distribute, display, publish, perform, sell, lease, transmit, adapt,create derivative works from such Submissions by any means and in any form, andto translate, modify, reverse-engineer, disassemble, or decompile suchSubmissions. All Submissions shall automatically become the sole and exclusiveproperty of heyfashionsaver and shall not be returned to you and you agree not to raiseany dispute in connection with any use of the entry by heyfashionsaver in the future.

You warrant that your Submissions, in whole or in part, are clear and free ofany IP right infringement, disputes or third party claims. heyfashionsaver assumes noliability for any misuse of copyright or any other rights of third parties byyou. You undertake to defense for and indemnify the Sponsor against any lossescaused due to the use of the entries for any purposes.

In addition to the rights applicable to any Submission, when you post commentsor reviews to the site, you also grant heyfashionsaver the right to use the name that yousubmit with any review, comment, or other Content, if any, in connection withsuch review, comment, or other content. You represent and warrant that you ownor otherwise control all of the rights to the reviews, comments, and otherContent that you post on this site and that use of your reviews, comments, orother Content by heyfashionsaver will not infringe upon or violate the rights of anythird party. You shall not use a false e-mail address, pretend to be someoneother than yourself, or otherwise mislead heyfashionsaver or third parties as to theorigin of any Submissions or Content. heyfashionsaver may, but shall not be obligated toremove or edit any Submissions (including comments or reviews) for anyreason. 


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heyfashionsaver recognizes and respects all copyrights and trademarks. As such, any usageof television, motion picture, music, film festival or other names or titleshave no connection to heyfashionsaver and are the sole property of the copyright ortrademark holders. Our dresses are inspired by celebrity style and are ourrecreations of item?s worn by the celebrities on your favorite television showsand the red carpet, however they are not authorized, endorsed by, or connectedto these shows in any way and are not meant as infringements of any registeredtrademarks or copyrights.

Intellectual Property Infringement Policy

It is the policy of heyfashionsaver totake appropriate action where necessary to uphold and recognize all relevantState, Federal and International laws in connection with material that isclaimed to be infringing any trademark, copyright, patent and all or any otherIntellectual Property laws. If you are an intellectual property rights owner andyou believe that heyfashionsaver sells, offers for sale, or makes available goods and/orservices that infringe your intellectual property rights, then send thefollowing information in its entirety to [email protected]

Information required
 1. An electronic or physical signature of theperson authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive that isallegedly infringed;
 2. A description of the allegedly infringingwork or material;
 3. A description of where the allegedlyinfringing material is located on the site (product(s) URL);
 4. Information reasonably sufficient to allow usto contact you, such as your address, telephone number and e-mail address;
 5. A statement by you that you have a good faithbelief that the disputed use of the material is not authorized by the copyrightor other proprietary right owner, its agent, or the law;
 6. Identification of the intellectual propertyrights that you claim are infringed by the Website(e.g. "XYZcopyright", "ABC trademark, Reg. No. 123456, registered1/1/04",etc); and

      7. A statement by youthat the above information and notification is accurate, and under penalty ofperjury, that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of theowner whose exclusive right is allegedly infringed. 

Termination andEffect of Termination

In addition to any otherlegal or equitable remedies, heyfashionsaver may, without prior notice to you,immediately terminate the Agreement or revoke any or all of your rights grantedunder this Agreement. Upon any termination of this Agreement, you shallimmediately cease all access to and use of the site and heyfashionsaver shall, inaddition to any other legal or equitable remedies, immediately revoke allpassword(s), and account identification issued to you and deny your access toand use of this Site in whole or in part. Any termination of this Agreementshall not affect the respective rights and obligations (including withoutlimitation, payment obligations) of the parties arising before the date oftermination.

Order Acceptance

Please note that there may becertain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. heyfashionsaver reserves theright, at sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. Somesituations that may result in your order being canceled include limitations onquantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricinginformation, or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidancedepartment. We may also require additional verifications or information beforeaccepting any order. We will contact you if all or any portion of your order iscanceled or if additional information is required to accept your order.

Transfer of Title

Title to the products in yourorder will be transferred to you when the products leave our warehouse and aredelivered to the carrier for shipment to an address designated by you in theorder. All liabilities and risks to the products will also be transferred toyou at that time. By placing an order on this Site, you authorize LIGHT IN THEBOX LIMITED to engage third party shipping services on your behalf.

Typographical Errors

While heyfashionsaver strives toprovide accurate product and pricing information, pricing or typographicalerrors may occur. heyfashionsaver cannot confirm the price of an item until after youorder. In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price or withincorrect information due to an error in pricing or product information, willingtoservemoreshall have the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any ordersplaced for that item. In the event that an item is mis-priced, heyfashionsaver may, atour discretion, either contact you for instructions or cancel your order andnotify you of such cancellation.

Pricing in Different Currencies

Pricing of products sold by willingtoservemoreis based upon figures calculated in U.S. Dollars (US$). Prices displayed inother currencies are converted from U.S. Dollars according to the most up todate conversion rates. Due to fluctuating currency values, prices displayed innon-U.S. denominations of currency on the Site, other than on the individualproduct page, may not be the most current. Areas of the Site where non-U.S.denominations of currency might be inaccurate include, but are not limited to,promotional banners, promotional pages, and information on product categorypages. The price displayed on an individual product page, regardless ofcurrency denomination, is the current price you are liable to pay to heyfashionsaver,excluding shipping.


Where the parties fail tosettle dispute within 30 days after such dispute occurs, they agree to submitsuch dispute to China International Arbitration Center (the HKIAC) forarbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with the Commission'sarbitration rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration. Thearbitral awards are final and binding upon both parties.


This site may contain linksto other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties.You acknowledge that heyfashionsaver is not responsible for the operation of or contentlocated on or through any such site.


You agree that heyfashionsaver's remedy at law for anyactual or threatened breach of this Agreement would be inadequate and that willingtoservemoreshall be entitled to specific performance or injunctive relief, or both, inaddition to any damages that heyfashionsaver may be legally entitled to recover, togetherwith reasonable expenses of any form of dispute resolution, including, withoutlimitation, attorneys' fees.

No right or remedy of heyfashionsaver shall be exclusive of any other,whether at law or in equity, including, without limitation, damagesinjunctive relief, attorneys' fees and expenses.

No instance of waiver by heyfashionsaver of its rights or remediesunder these terms and conditions shall imply any obligation to grant anysimilar, future or other waiver.