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1. Adjust the volume with the volume adjustment wheel.
2. Independent switch, the earphone/microphone can be muted with one button.
3. Support dual-port headphones + single-port headphones at the same time, double chorus, live broadcast without frequent transfer to wheat (single-mouth headphones only support CTIA standard).
4. Comes with virtual stereo sound to effectively avoid electromagnetic interference.
5. SSS1629 intelligent noise reduction chip, the sound quality is clearer and fuller.
6. Pure copper tinned wire core, three-layer shielding, clear sound transmission.
7. LED indicator, the working status is clear at a glance.
8. Suitable for a variety of devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, PS4, mobile phones, etc.
9. Compatible with multiple systems, drive-free, plug and play.

Product specifications:
1. Housing: PVC+ABS.
2. Sampling rate: 48KHz.
3. Compatible systems: Windows XP/10/8/7, Mac OS, Linux.

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