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1. High-performance decoding chip, 7.1 channel surround effect, 40mm high flux NdFeB drive unit, effectively improve the sensitivity of the speaker unit.
2. High tensile strength, anti-wrap braided wire, designed for game users, and designed by wire.
3. LOGO breathing light, wearing more cool.
4. The hollow three-stage decompression headband is light and comfortable to wear.
5. The soft and comfortable earmuffs perfectly isolate the outside noise and make the sound more mellow.
6. The hidden microphone design can be stored in the earphone when not in use, which reduces the obstruction of the microphone activity when the microphone is not in use.

1. Wearing method: head-mounted.
2. Speaker diameter: 40mm.
3. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz.
4. Sensitivity: 115+/-3dB 1KHz.
5. Impedance: 32 ohms 1KHz.
6. Input power: 15mW.
7. Microphone sensitivity: -38dB+/-3dB.
8. Headphone cable length: 2m.
9. Input interface: USB.
10. Weight: about 370g.

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