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1. 3.5mm audio input connector for PlayStation 4/mobile/tablet/laptop, etc.
2. Positioning acoustic precision, it is compatible with Mac / PS4 / latest Xbox 360 and more.
3. 40mm high flow NdFeB drive unit, effectively improve the sensitivity of the speaker unit.
4. The earmuffs are soft and breathable, the pressure points of the multi-head beam are ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear.
5. High tensile strength and anti-winding of wire, designed for game users.

1. Loudspeaker diameter: 40mm.
2. Range frequency: 20-20000Hz.
3. Impedance: 32 ohms at 1 kHz.
4. Maximum input power: 15mW.
5. Microphone sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3dB.
6. Headphone cable length: about 1.5m.
7. Plug input: 3.5mm.

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