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1. Three-stage decompression headband, light and comfortable to wear, not easy to break, not easy to deform.
2. PVC high-strength audio wire, super durable, suitable for all kinds of strength environments.
3. The earmuffs are made of leather, which is skin-friendly and reduces sweatiness. It is more suitable for long-term wear.
4. The microphone can capture the sound in 360 degrees in all directions, and it can also be rotated, so that you can set it to your favorite position and give you the best gaming experience.
5. The ear shell integrates sliding control volume to achieve one-button blind operation control.

1. Wearing method: head-mounted.
2. Speaker diameter: 40mm.
3. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz.
4. Sensitivity: 118+/-3dB 1KHz.
5. Impedance: 22 ohms 1 kHz.
6. Input power: 30mw.
7. Microphone sensitivity: -38dB+/-3dB.
8. Headphone cable length: 1.5m.
9. Input interface: 3.5mm.
10. Weight: 340g.

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