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1. Production unit for audio experience.
2. Skin type protein earmuff for comfort and environmental protection.
3. Lightweight and self-adjusting head beam design for the best wearing experience.
4. LED dazzle light for cool E-sport experience.
5. High sensitivity microphone for delivering more accurate, clear and smooth voice.
6. Volume control button.
7. Microphone on-off button.
8. 3.5mm international standard(CTIA) device interface(right channel+/ground/left channel+/microphone+).
9. USB interface for power supply for the LED lights.
10. Used for single hole interface.
11. Used for one-to-two tieline.
12. Speaker size: 53mm.
13. Microphone impedance: 2.2KOhm.
14. Impedance: 30Ohm+-15%.
15. Directionality: omni-directional.
16. Sensitivity: 11dB+-3dB.
17. Cable length: 2.2m.
18. Frequency range: 20-20KHz.
19. LED working voltage: DC 5V.
20. Microphone: 4×1.5mm.
21. Working current: <=100mA.
22. Microphone sensitivity: -38dB+-3dB.
23. Headset jack: USB+3.5mm.

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