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1. Silicone microphone, soft and durable, not easy to break.
2. The earmuff covers the entire ear and it is very effective to cut off the external sound.
3. The headset is equipped with the latest version of the controller for PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and 3.5mm jack connections for audio headsets. Both laptops and smartphones can be used, with a wider range of uses and greater compatibility.
4. 50mm neodymium iron boron high magnetic horn, high frequency low frequency clear noise reduction layer.
5. Head decompression beam pad for long-term wear.
6. Embedded design control makes it easy to adjust your needs at any time.

Product parameters:
1. Speaker diameter: 50mm.
2. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz.
3. Sensitivity: 116 plus or minus 3dB 1KHz.
4. Impedance: 32 ohms.
5. Input power: 20mW (maximum).
6. Microphone sensitivity: -41dB +/-3dB.
7. Headphone cable length: about 1.5 meters.
8. Input interface: 3.5mm.

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