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1. Short-line design, mirror, only occupy one USB interface, more flexible use.
2. Double hole spacing 6.5mm, not crowded, no audio interface.
3. Tinned copper core wire with good sound quality.
4. Noise reduction chip to filter noise.
5. Expand the new audio interface via USB to connect headphones, stereos, headsets, etc.
6. Solve three major problems: the sound card is damaged without sound, the PS4 cannot be connected to the audio, and the single-hole notebook cannot use the microphone.
7. Plug and play, compatible with multiple systems.

1. Wire gauge: 28AWG.
2. Wire diameter: 4.0.
3. Applicable equipment: USB interface laptop, desktop computer, PS4, Surface, etc. Headphones, headsets, speakers, microphones, audio cables, etc. with 3.5mm audio interface.
4. Compatible systems: Windows XP/10/8/7/Vista, Mac OS, Linux.

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